Unlocked potential

We all could probably agree that mankind has an unlocked potential. The fact that we use only a small part of our brain supports this theory. Many movies and TV shows demonstrate their idea of what it may be. You see them giving us special powers moving objects with our mind, reading others thoughts, teleporting among other things. Things that basically give us power, money or some form control feeding our seemingly natural pattern of greed.

I feel if we do ever figure out our unlocked potential it will be something beyond our understanding at this point in history. Something that does not give you any sort of ability and something that can not be used for power or control. I feel it will be an understanding of something that gives us nothing to gain. I am not talking about the whole “knowledge is power” type of knowledge either. We are just as greedy with that as anything else. This will be something that leaves us as powerless as we are today, something unheard of, something beyond our comprehension for our minds.

We need to open our minds and allow the chance for something completely new and can take ourselves away from the concept of power or control. If we do this we may just figure this out one day.