Do you like…. you?

You are who you are and most don’t put much other thought in to it than that. Do you like who you are? I came up with a method of finding out what you want to change about yourself that you may have never realized you wanted to change.

Stop for a moment and think of a world where everyone was exactly like you. So all your interactions with other people would be exactly as it is when people currently interact with you. Do you find yourself getting frustrated or annoyed? Are there some things you do that you would hate if others did to you? The way you are perceiving your personality clones is most likely how others look at you. Food for thought.

Shake life up

Life tends to repeat itself, its up to us to shake things up a bit to break us from this mold.

Life tends to repeat itself, its up to us to shake things up a bit to break us from this mold.


Stop getting stuff off the dollar menu. While it’s contents may look satisfying at first, it only comes alacarte. You got to get the combo deals to get everything you’re looking for.

mankinds progress

Competition is only a small part of what brings us into a more technological future, passion is the key that many seem to overlook. Without passion, progress is only minimal.

meaning of life

Life isn’t supposed to be perfect, otherwise it would just be called existence.

doughnuts deserve a more exciting name!

I’d like to start out that doughnuts can be spelled more than one way, “donuts” is also an acceptable spelling. Is that really enough though? I feel something so magical should have a better name than the boring doughnut title. Perhaps we should all start calling them “delicious breakfast wheels” or “police button busters”. Names like that are more deserving for these delicious breakfast treats!

Birds and the bees

We all know “the birds and the bees” is another term for sex, but what does it all mean? What could birds and bees (things that seemingly have hardly any relation) have to do with sex? They certainly don’t have sex with each other. You don’t see any super bee-birds flying around eating seeds and making honey. Could it possibly have something to do with bees stinging? When they sting they “penetrate” whatever they are stinging… but even so that still doesn’t explain the birds half of it. It probably isn’t very pleasant when birds and bees get together… perhaps the term was created by someone that doesn’t enjoy sex? In the end, I have no real solid explanation that can make sense of this.

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