Country in the fall

I love taking pictures at my parents house, I’m sure you can see why.


Cult castle

I had a dream last night that I was at some camp where there were thousands of people. We were all walking around a forest with trees that were like cabbage leaves. The trees would grow straight up and light would show through and had a semi-slimy texture to them. We all lived in a castle filled only with several layers of stone for sleeping areas.

I was walking with a friend of mine when next thing I know we start noticing people were walking single file. They were coming out of a direction through the path of cabbage trees in a zoned out like state. They started chanting in a language I’ve never heard before as they walked by. The girl I was with and I decided we better lay low and investigate this strange behavior. We squeezed in between the trees which sucked us in (almost as if it were going to eat us, but no harm was done) and made our way to the end of the trail where we found people were being converted into some sort of cult-workers or something. We could hear them talking about how they were just about finished with every last one of them and it sounded like they were going to look for the last of the people we were with. We stood completely still sucked inside these trees out of fear of being found, but they suspected there were people in the trees and started stabbing through the trees with some sharp object. I was standing and had my arms spread out and could feel the blade as he put it through the trees brush past my arm (close enough to cut the hairs off). But they didn’t notice me there and moved on. The girl I was with got scared and decided to run out right into the arms of the second in command. She was captured and I could hear her being converted. I stayed and waited until they all left and snuck out through the front gates and found others that had escaped.

The story jumps forward apparently after we built a command center to fight against them about a 15 minute walk from the castle walls. The outside world is much like today with streets and cars. Our base was built with the entrance in a ditch under a water tube. I run towards the castle walls with a chain and hooks to scale over the walls. I had people still in there that I wanted to save. It was night time and made it in without any problems. I threw the chain up and came down the center of the room. Everyone was sleeping and there was another one of my friends. I went down to his level in the room and scooped him up with some sort of super-strength and climbed back up and made it back to base. He was still zombied out when we got back and didn’t even seem to notice anything was happening. The second night when I scaled down everyone woke up and started screaming and pointing at me. I climbed back up, but as I tried to escape I saw people outside searching for me. I pressed against the wall and found a hiding spot on the upper walls. They searched all night till day break. When I attempted to escape across the field that had several grassy walls, I kept low to the ground jumping over these strange grassy ledges. I saw a car pulling up and a man looked out the window and saw me. I ran as fast as I could without thinking and later realized he saw the direction I went.

Other perspective:
The man in the car talks about how poor the security of the place is. And that I was spotted springing out of here in the direction to the left of the castle. He said “He’s on foot, they must be holding up about 15 minutes away from here!”


It was just starting to get interesting but my damn alarm went off! I would assume I missed out on an all out attack on my base :(  How cool would that have been?!

Just thinking about birds

Fire-birds to be exact. I think I will have to get another one some day… I miss the little bugger. Miss her tint’s, miss her winking eye (headlights), but I think most of all I miss tarping her for a rain storm. But seriously, loved that car! I think I had that for 9 years before I sold it.

My old Firebird - freshly painted nothing quite like tarping your car before a storm

In memory of

Time can never prepare you for whats to come,
only get you through whats been past

Looking to the future

Even when you think your standing still,
the Earth still spins and you move forward without even thinking.

Cruel intentions

Sometimes life will abduct you and take you for a spin in its rusty old van, while your kicking and screaming to get away. Hoping soon, someone will come to save you.


What is it that makes some of us remember some things and others remember other things? Is it that we each prioritize things differently therefore put more effort into certain memories? I feel like I have the most trouble remembering important things or (things that are on a larger scale) while I remember small random details from a seemingly random moment with such clarity. Some people can remember numeric things while others images. Something must be happening on a subconscious level that we don’t realize that controls what information is stored in our heads. We’re all the same species yet we so very different when it comes to our minds.

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