I sleep in the shadow of night
my eyes have closed to shut out the light
glowing street light’s will try as they might
but no my eyes won’t let in the light

Cell phone entertainment

Ever wonder if the phone company’s (especially the cell phone company’s) have something like a TV controller to type in a phone number like a channel number and listen in or read in (texts) on our antics and secrets. It would seriously be like one huge series with an almost unlimited amount of channels. You would have it all, soap operas, comedy, drama… I mean you could even find a channel with a young kid nervously asking a girl out for the first time, or listen into some womanizer’s phone calls, or even have a crime channel for all the drug dealers and such. I’d like to think that my phone channel would be in their favorites section :)


thoughts of you are a dangerous poison to my mind
the things you do “should” make me run from you
I hate you only because of this addiction I have for you
this addiction I try to hide.. do I hide it well?
if I could forget you… well I wouldn’t want to
I know how to beat this game, but never thought it would be so hard
how could I feel so strongly
For someone I’ve only known such a short time
I know who you are,
I know how you work
Your brain ticks just the same as mine
and for this I should stay away but
I can’t
Your in my mind all the time


Time and time travel

Time is a concept that is manmade. In natures true form there is no such thing as time. Existence is a constant. We created time based on the repetition of things happening (Earth’s rotation around the sun) but that does not mean it truly exists. Therefore time travel is impossible since there is no past, no future and no present, just the concept of it.

Moon’s Gravitational pull

The most obvious effect the moon has on us is our oceans (high tide and low tide). but when we have high tide where is the water coming from? Does it come from down below at the bottom of the ocean or does it bow out leaving the middle of the ocean lower than the outer sections? It could also be a matter of density. Making the ocean less dense. All these theory’s possibly answered by someone. But imagine.

If the ocean is raised strictly by gravity pulling it up, there is a vast unknown that we have about our planet still. What if there was a whole separate way of life down there and the gravitational pull creates dry bubbles at the bottom of the ocean. It could be a part of the natural order of things down there, like we have day and night they have dry and wet. A reverse tide for a different civilization to emerge out of underground caves.

Your body, part of the big picture

Is your body really you? I would say not. You are something made up of many. Your body is more of a container for others, others that probably have no idea they are a part of a body.

With this in mind are we ourselves a part of something bigger? Is Space actually a part of another organism, and Earth just a small microscopic part of a large living breathing creature? Its possible that people might be a virus that has infected a part inside the body of this creature, as we know it Earth.

Life, over so soon?

Life of a human and many other animals is shorter than it should be. Why is it that Land Tortoises can live close to 200 years and we can only make it to half that if we’re lucky? We have the similar vital body parts don’t we? How come theirs lasts so much longer? Or better yet… tree’s like the Sequoia, Giant can live up to 2,000 – 3,000 years old, now of course they are no where close to us but why not study it? If other plants and animals have access to such long life spans, there must be a way we can somehow learn from them and extend ours.

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