Picture frame

sometimes when alone
you sit there by yourself
looking at the pictures on your shelf
yet all that’s in the frame
are pictures that came when you bought the thing
stop staring
and start caring


Why is it that cold seems to compress your body yet we are made up mostly of water? On cold days you ever notice how you feel slimmer, your arms tighten up a bit, in your hands you notice your knuckles more. Yet when you freeze water it expands. I think according to the properties of water we should all expand in cold weather.

Website extenions

The internet is a vast place. So vast in fact they have created many endings to sites. (.com, .net, .org, .uk, .fm and so on) each is supposed to be designed for the type of website. Currently people do not strictly follow these rules but that’s beside the point. I think they left out some important endings. Some examples of left out domain extensions would be “.omg”. This would be used for websites that just blow your mind. Imagine that. “www.ferrari.omg” I mean seriously it’s a pretty sweet car witch deserves an .omg website. Or www.darklemonade.omg… simply because it’s just an amazing site. That one could even maybe use an explanation point “.omg!”.

Better yet, a .wtf site. That would be good for sites like “www.SheKeyedMyCar.wtf” or “www.TheCatPeedAgain.wtf”. Other extensions could include any of the hip text-messaging slang used today. These site extensions may someday be needed.

*disclaimer, I do not really believe this should be done, lol*

Flaws of life

What’s it like when you suddenly feel alone?
What’s it like when you feel separated from what you thought was you, someone who defined you…
Did it really just hit me or did I know all along, something great, that was doomed before it began.

Why must un-beautiful things be so attractive to me? In my mind perfection lye’s within the imperfection… flaws of life are what makes us perfect

Has something changed?
Sometimes life becomes so transparent.
Just for a moment, you see things in a different way.
Is there need for action?
Or is it just this moment that is an illusion?
What’s it like when you feel suddenly alone? I think I know…

water in the dumps

Have you ever bought a drink, drink “most” of it, put the cap back on and toss it out? I do all the time, last was the other day when I threw out 1/4 bottle of unsweetened iced tea. Then I got to thinking… if I put the cap on this thing will the water inside evaporate from the garbage dump? Or will it just stay inside the bottle for all of eternity!? If so how many people do the same thing and does it effect the environment? Even the small amounts left in the bottle every time you throw it out.

If my memory serves me correctly, if I find an old water bottle in my car that has been there for who knows how long (a year maybe) the water is always still inside like it tried to evaporate out (misty all around the top) but couldn’t. So if everyone is doing this are we wasting water?? Not like we don’t have enough on our planet but what if eventually, a huge portion of earth’s water get’s stuck in garbage dumps. I think we need to research the effect this trapped water has.

Taste in general

How come some people like certain things and some don’t. Even if they grow up in a same situation, like siblings you would expect them to like the same things but that’s not exactly the case. If you ask me… if you follow the rules of all the other senses your brain should like the taste of good foods and dislike food that is bad for you. Your sense of touch tells you not to like the feeling of your had getting burned on the burner, your sense of hearing tells you to run when you hear something that sounds dangerous… so why doesn’t the sense of taste protect you from all these chemicals we are eating with our foods and make them taste terrible?? They most certainly aren’t good for you, yet they are sooo delicious! It seems to be the one sense that works against the body.

So exactly what is taste? The brain is an amazing thing. When you taste it’s pretty hard to actually think about the feeling / signals your brain is receiving. You know its there, but how? It’s just something on your tongue that tells your brain it tastes like this. But actually sit there and think about where is this stored? Because if you’re thinking about it, it’s in your brain but the food is in your mouth. When I stop to think about it I just get this blank feeling… where exactly is this feeling of deliciousness? Is it in your mouth or in your head? And what determines if you like it or not?

Some related Humor

How Animals think (in particular Cats & dogs)

When you think… how are you actually thinking? In the language you speak of course. Whether it’s English, Spanish, German, whatever. That’s how you are thinking, maybe about that really fun time at that one party, or a romantic moment with someone. Now I’m by no means an expert on animals, but it seems to me that when a dog is barking or a cat meows they aren’t really communicating. I think that this is more of a means of drawing attention rather than a form of communication.

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