A poem to cry about

I will shut up and fade into the shadows of night
Try to cry myself to sleep till the morning light
Never-more, never-more, never-more
I taste the coals beneath my wake
Oh please, just shut the hell up for fucks sake


I sleep in the shadow of night
my eyes have closed to shut out the light
glowing street light’s will try as they might
but no my eyes won’t let in the light


thoughts of you are a dangerous poison to my mind
the things you do “should” make me run from you
I hate you only because of this addiction I have for you
this addiction I try to hide.. do I hide it well?
if I could forget you… well I wouldn’t want to
I know how to beat this game, but never thought it would be so hard
how could I feel so strongly
For someone I’ve only known such a short time
I know who you are,
I know how you work
Your brain ticks just the same as mine
and for this I should stay away but
I can’t
Your in my mind all the time


Picture frame

sometimes when alone
you sit there by yourself
looking at the pictures on your shelf
yet all that’s in the frame
are pictures that came when you bought the thing
stop staring
and start caring

Flaws of life

What’s it like when you suddenly feel alone?
What’s it like when you feel separated from what you thought was you, someone who defined you…
Did it really just hit me or did I know all along, something great, that was doomed before it began.

Why must un-beautiful things be so attractive to me? In my mind perfection lye’s within the imperfection… flaws of life are what makes us perfect

Has something changed?
Sometimes life becomes so transparent.
Just for a moment, you see things in a different way.
Is there need for action?
Or is it just this moment that is an illusion?
What’s it like when you feel suddenly alone? I think I know…

Strange enough

I can’t help but realize,
When you’re spoken for, I always seem to meet you.
Give me a hard time, your always in my mind.
You look so good, I am a wreck if its not for me.
Can you figure me out, Even on a sugar high.
Only a small few, Is it you?
Strange enough, I found you…
and now you’re gone.