Fire, a living being?

People don’t consider fire a living creature, but if you look at how it acts its rather similar to a living being. To start a fire, it requires a burnable object… something for it to feed on like wood or paper. It seems to me that would be “food”. Next fire wont survive without the key ingredient of oxygen. It also moves on its own. Sure you can move it yourself or the wind can push it around but even on a quite night it will always be moving back and forth like its got a mind of its own. Fire breaths, fire feeds, fire moves… yet not considered a living thing?


When you are about to die your life flashes in front of your eyes (as said by many). Why does this happen? Is it because you are being judged at the very last moment of your life? For those that believe, maybe the phrase God is everywhere is untrue. Perhaps when you die, that’s when all you’ve done in life is viewed and judged. A summarized viewing of your life to a higher power to determine your passage into heaven or hell. Food for thought.

Unlocked potential

We all could probably agree that mankind has an unlocked potential. The fact that we use only a small part of our brain supports this theory. Many movies and TV shows demonstrate their idea of what it may be. You see them giving us special powers moving objects with our mind, reading others thoughts, teleporting among other things. Things that basically give us power, money or some form control feeding our seemingly natural pattern of greed.

I feel if we do ever figure out our unlocked potential it will be something beyond our understanding at this point in history. Something that does not give you any sort of ability and something that can not be used for power or control. I feel it will be an understanding of something that gives us nothing to gain. I am not talking about the whole “knowledge is power” type of knowledge either. We are just as greedy with that as anything else. This will be something that leaves us as powerless as we are today, something unheard of, something beyond our comprehension for our minds.

We need to open our minds and allow the chance for something completely new and can take ourselves away from the concept of power or control. If we do this we may just figure this out one day.

though – thought

Why do we tend to put a “t” at the end of the word though when we type it out? I’ve talked to several people and they all do this. Is there some sort of subconscious thing that thinks we are saying the word thought? It’s my most common typing mistake. Strange how we are slaves to our subconscious habits no matter how hard we try, those kinds of things always seem to come out.

Fiery delicious torture

Why is it we love spicy food? As we munch down on some (perhaps tasteless) food decide to add a flaming torture of hot sauce to it and suddenly we love it! Thinking to ourselves MMMMMM this is much better now as the tears of pain drip down your cheek… sweet sweet painful joy from our eyes. “I completely enjoyed hurting my mouth in a fiery delicious torture.”  You think as you sweat and blow your runny nose. What is it that makes us think we enjoy all this pain in our mouths? I do it myself, sometimes I even add more if I’m in an adventurous mood.

Do you like…. you?

You are who you are and most don’t put much other thought in to it than that. Do you like who you are? I came up with a method of finding out what you want to change about yourself that you may have never realized you wanted to change.

Stop for a moment and think of a world where everyone was exactly like you. So all your interactions with other people would be exactly as it is when people currently interact with you. Do you find yourself getting frustrated or annoyed? Are there some things you do that you would hate if others did to you? The way you are perceiving your personality clones is most likely how others look at you. Food for thought.

doughnuts deserve a more exciting name!

I’d like to start out that doughnuts can be spelled more than one way, “donuts” is also an acceptable spelling. Is that really enough though? I feel something so magical should have a better name than the boring doughnut title. Perhaps we should all start calling them “delicious breakfast wheels” or “police button busters”. Names like that are more deserving for these delicious breakfast treats!

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