Water is just plain lazy

It takes up 70% of the Earth, 62% a human body and seems to be the basic element of all that is living on this planet. Water is one of those things we take advantage of daily that you don’t really stop to think about.

What if water is actually a living creature… a collection of really really lazy people? Maybe even animals too (in their laziest form). So lazy in fact that they don’t even feel like holding themselves together, just allowing themselves to break down and mix with others to be pushed around by un-lazy creatures. If this was ever proven, PETA would have a fit! We push around water and abuse it in so many ways! (washing dishes, flushing toilets, capturing it in bottles etc) and don’t ever stop to think… is this a living creature? Perhaps we should be a bit nicer to water, just in case it decides to be less lazy and take revenge!

The future of driving

I foresee a change in driving in the future. It’s not so far into the future where we have flying cars, but this is more of what I think will be next for our roads (to be more exact, our highways). Imagine driving on the road, you’re heading towards the highway entrance ramp. As you approach, your vehicle dings through your speakers. You begin to make your turn on the ramp and a voice lowers your speaker volume and says  “destination”. Meanwhile a highway computer is calculating your entrance to the highway and begins moving cars (in the lane nearest you) over, in anticipation for your entry. The steering wheel and your petals all lock into place, the computer is taking over the navigation and operation of your vehicle.

You state your destination, “Par street exit, Orlando”. The computer then confirms or rejects your destination “destination confirmed”. Then you just sit back relax, do some reading or watch a movie as you reach your exit. You notice that there are no traffic jams even though you are in the middle of what normally would have been rush hour. The computer intelligently controls all traffic and you no longer have to deal with that, what I like to call, “slinky effect”. The slinky effect is where the front car gets slowed down and when it begins to move up to speed again, the acceleration takes a while to get to your car. This to me always ended up looking like a slinky.

About five minuets before you reach your exit destination you hear that same ding and a voice over the speakers stating “approaching destination, five minuets remain”. Then again two minuets from the destination your seat vibrates and you get the instructions “prepare to exit”. Once it takes you to your exit, you will need to acknowledge you understand the controls will be given back to you by pushing a button located in your vehicle (somewhere where you wouldn’t accidently hit it). Once this button is pushed on the exit ramp, it will restore full control to you when it stops at the stop sign at the end of the ramp.

If  you don’t push the button when you are required to, the computer pulls you off to the side of the exit ramp and parks your car until you push the button. The side of the exit ramp will be something similar to a pickup area at an airport where you pull your car off to the side behind the other cars in a line. Once this happens it sends out reminders every minute. After five minutes the highway computer dials a road service to come out and make sure everything is okay and/or possibly issue a ticket.

New look on energy

Today we manipulate energy to do what we want, channeling it through wires and air waves to power all our appliances, tv’s, radios, microwaves etc. We understand it to be a separate entity than us. We understand it by what it does and the devices we use to gather it. I feel it surrounds us and what we see is just a more physical representation of this. Have you ever wondered what the future holds for us in regards to energy?

We as a people have become so separated from mother earth that we fail to realize we are a part of nature. Perhaps one day we will become more in touch with what we were meant to be, maybe someday in the future we will be able to harness the energy all around us manipulating it in more useful ways as it is a part of us. Instead of energy being bound by wires we will understand it to the point where we can channel it with our minds and become one with the universe as we know it. Something similar to ascension but much more than science fiction depicts it to be.

The color brown, can it contain hidden colors?

Seriously people… let’s stop and take a gander at brown. When most of you think about it you say “what?… it’s just another color”. But have you ever painted? What colors do you use to get brown… yes yellow and black. I wouldn’t say that’s the only way to get it. Simply mix any amount of colors and you get brown, it seems to me that perhaps you should get a different color when you mix different paints, but always this mucky brown color.

What I’m thinking is that the color brown isn’t in fact a color at all. I think it’s the color our eyes see, when your brain can’t process the actual color. I think that there must be some wondrous colors out there and we just can’t see them. I mean stop and think about it for a minute. How many actual colors are there excluding different tones and shades of the same color? Not enough, there aren’t enough colors in this world… (That we can see) to keep me even remotely satisfied that we are processing everything. There has to be a wider variety of colors out there, I just don’t think that we can see them.


What is it that makes some of us remember some things and others remember other things? Is it that we each prioritize things differently therefore put more effort into certain memories? I feel like I have the most trouble remembering important things or (things that are on a larger scale) while I remember small random details from a seemingly random moment with such clarity. Some people can remember numeric things while others images. Something must be happening on a subconscious level that we don’t realize that controls what information is stored in our heads. We’re all the same species yet we so very different when it comes to our minds.

Cell phone entertainment

Ever wonder if the phone company’s (especially the cell phone company’s) have something like a TV controller to type in a phone number like a channel number and listen in or read in (texts) on our antics and secrets. It would seriously be like one huge series with an almost unlimited amount of channels. You would have it all, soap operas, comedy, drama… I mean you could even find a channel with a young kid nervously asking a girl out for the first time, or listen into some womanizer’s phone calls, or even have a crime channel for all the drug dealers and such. I’d like to think that my phone channel would be in their favorites section :)

Time and time travel

Time is a concept that is manmade. In natures true form there is no such thing as time. Existence is a constant. We created time based on the repetition of things happening (Earth’s rotation around the sun) but that does not mean it truly exists. Therefore time travel is impossible since there is no past, no future and no present, just the concept of it.

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