Moon’s Gravitational pull

The most obvious effect the moon has on us is our oceans (high tide and low tide). but when we have high tide where is the water coming from? Does it come from down below at the bottom of the ocean or does it bow out leaving the middle of the ocean lower than the outer sections? It could also be a matter of density. Making the ocean less dense. All these theory’s possibly answered by someone. But imagine.

If the ocean is raised strictly by gravity pulling it up, there is a vast unknown that we have about our planet still. What if there was a whole separate way of life down there and the gravitational pull creates dry bubbles at the bottom of the ocean. It could be a part of the natural order of things down there, like we have day and night they have dry and wet. A reverse tide for a different civilization to emerge out of underground caves.

Your body, part of the big picture

Is your body really you? I would say not. You are something made up of many. Your body is more of a container for others, others that probably have no idea they are a part of a body.

With this in mind are we ourselves a part of something bigger? Is Space actually a part of another organism, and Earth just a small microscopic part of a large living breathing creature? Its possible that people might be a virus that has infected a part inside the body of this creature, as we know it Earth.

Life, over so soon?

Life of a human and many other animals is shorter than it should be. Why is it that Land Tortoises can live close to 200 years and we can only make it to half that if we’re lucky? We have the similar vital body parts don’t we? How come theirs lasts so much longer? Or better yet… tree’s like the Sequoia, Giant can live up to 2,000 – 3,000 years old, now of course they are no where close to us but why not study it? If other plants and animals have access to such long life spans, there must be a way we can somehow learn from them and extend ours.

Space: our lighter planet?

Space exploration. Someday it will be possible. When this happens and we start going off to other planets or living in space ships… What does that mean for our planet earth? Our bodies are made up of 70% water, and I would have to say a significant part of this planets ecosystem.

So if we start leaving and taking the water we retain and other food, supplies, plants etc. what would happen to Earth? Would nothing change, or would the balance of nature be thrown off?

People in (and out of) your life

Why is it so many people have such a strong attachment to those that make them unhappy? Is it possible human nature is defaulted on hate and anguish? Do we really thrive off these feelings, or is this all some sick experiment by an unknown? And when you cut this out of your life after being around it for so long hoping for something better, it’s like a piece of you is missing. Is this piece missing the feeling of something exciting that we want to keep, even if its not what you want? Or is it love, something in which no one can truly define.

Reverse gravity

Short and sweet of what I’m thinking. Imagine you jump out of an air plane and reach terminal velocity. Now imagine you were flying down and hit a portal that reversed the direction you were falling just before you hit the ground. *see diagaram*

portal example

What would happen to you? would you fly straight up at the same speed (almost like jumping) and return to the ground moments after? or would the reversal of gravity smash you like a pancake?! like hitting a wall of gravity.Almost like when 2 cars hit head on, one is going 30 miles an hour and the other is going 35. the combination is similar to hitting a parked car at 65 miles an hour.

The word wheel blew my mind today

Why is it when you look at things long enough, things you see everyday it slowly starts to feel out of place and less familiar? Go look at something in your house or apartment and just take a look at something that has been there for as long as you can remember and just look at it, study it…. and watch it seemingly feel like you have never seen it there before.

The human mind is so mysterious.

Today I tried to spell out the word “wheel” unsuspecting that it would totally blow my mind. I typed out earlier to a friend “I’m glad you told me you couldn’t see that whell clearly” (talking about advice on a character I had just created).

Then it hit me.. whell, that looks wrong. I try to correct it in the next message “weel”

hmm no “weal”

What on God’s green Earth!? What is going through my mind that I can’t simply spell a word I learned about so long ago!? Time to search Google. ahhhh “wheel” Yet even being told the correct spelling of this it still looks out of place… did Google lie to me?

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