Strange enough

I can’t help but realize,
When you’re spoken for, I always seem to meet you.
Give me a hard time, your always in my mind.
You look so good, I am a wreck if its not for me.
Can you figure me out, Even on a sugar high.
Only a small few, Is it you?
Strange enough, I found you…
and now you’re gone.

The Great Fall of 06

My fourth of July/birthday of 2006 was a very interesting one! After fireworks we (Jordan, Steve, Megan, Matt, and I) were on our way home stuck in a ton of traffic on the highway and well I had to pee… like really bad! So I kicked Matt out of my way in the car so I could hop out.. I said “I’ll just go over that cement fence and pee in those bushes”. I run over to the fence and hoped it, Spiderman style! A few seconds after hopping over, I realized “hmm… this doesn’t feel right”. Come to realize that they weren’t bushes at all, they were tops of trees!!! Almost instantly after that realization… *BAM!* fifty feet below, I smack to the ground landing on my right side. I think the first thing I said as I looked up to see where I came from was “Holy shit!”, I couldn’t believe I was still alive! Looking around I see I had landed in a slightly soft damp area in between two tree stumps, my luck could have been much worse!  Now I tend to strangely remain calm in life threatening situations and did the next logical thing I could think of, check to see if I was injured in any way. I felt no pain at that point so I thought it was a possibility everything was fine. So now, I’m Looking over myself and the first thing I can see is my pant leg was sticking up, I soon realized that was my bone sticking through my leg. Next I notice my wrist in a shape I have never seen it to be in. It was just kind of hanging down and looked almost like it just snapped out of the sockets. That was all that I could see wrong with me. I checked to make sure I didn’t damage my spine and surprisingly enough I felt fine, could move the non-broken parts just fine as well.

So, okay well I’m sure the guys in the car will figure it out soon. I mean how long can a pee take right? So I start yelling up for help. I can hear my voice bouncing off the walls back at me and I assume with the sound of traffic and the distance I was down, nobody could hear me. Not good… cell phone? No service and pretty banged up. I started getting worried, I was able to see the time (and that I had no signal) on my cell phone even though the whole bottom half of the screen was cracked and not displaying anything. After about 5 minutes of yelling, I still have to pee really bad. No, I didn’t pee my pants from the fall as everyone always assumes! So I very awkwardly undo my pants and start to pee. Well, see had I realized why their were all the holes in the ground I might have reconsidered my plan of action. To my surprise I see a bunch of larger ants with a red tint to them come from the holes below and start to crawl up my arm and shirt. Before I realized what they were since I’m not origionally from Florida one crawls up to my hand with the broken wrist and takes a bite into it! FIRE ANTS yes fire ants crawling all over and around me! I scrambled to get away from them pushing myself with my one good leg towards the swampy area behind me. Surprisingly the only pain I felt was from the ants still even with my bone sticking out of my leg. As I moved back I could see the top part of my leg turning while the bottom half remained in the same position… yikes! Still no pain, but I realized I need to be more cautious and held it tight with my good hand so I don’t bleed to death down here.

Okay so now an hour goes by… now I’m getting scared. Being in a tree covered area there was no chance any people driving by would see me. I could see in the distance where a different section of the highway was level with where I was. I began to crawl towards it hoping cars would see me or at the very least maybe get a signal on my phone. After only a minute or two of crawling, I can see a police car aiming the search lights in the trees from the area I was attempting to crawl to. I oppen my cell phone for light and waved it back and forth so they could see me! Could hear Megan yelling “omg youre alive!” from up above! Finally some relief that I wasn’t going to die down here, yes! I look back at my leg after crawling to see my foot pointing to the right…hmm strange my leg is pointed in a total opposite direction. With this relief I repositioned myself so my leg wasn’t twisted and awaited help. The ambulance finally arrived, cut off all my clothes to make sure there wasn’t anything else serious going on with me, put me in a neck brace, and lifted me onto a wooden gurney (with no wheels, they had to carry me out). This is suddenly when I felt a massive amount of pain in my leg. I assume the sigh of relief turned off survival mode in my body. I finally made it to the ambulance and the last thing I remember was Jordan telling me “I’ve seen you naked now buddy” in a joking manner. I laughed and they closed the doors.

Now I’m at the hospital and look up to see a surgeon standing over me telling me what a jerk I am for waking him up to fix me. I don’t even remember them putting me out so I woke up (after surgery) and said “So when do you think the surgery is going to be?”. The guy pushing me down the hall said “your all set”. “Strange how did that happen?” I thought. I get pushed into my hospital room and all my friends were there and surprisingly my mother was there as well waiting for me. I guess I was under longer than I had thought. She flew all the way down to Orlando from Buffalo that night! Apparently the message she got was “Tom had a serious accident, they THINK he’s going to make it.” Naturally that sounds like there’s a chance I could die!

I just want to say thanks to everyone that came to visit and help me through the recovery! It’s a really great  feeling to know people care about you! I appreciate everything everyone has done for me!

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