Double Purple Barney Slide

Try and say that 2x’s fast! You’ll see why I messed up in the video 😛

A parody of the original double rainbow that went viral for a couple weeks Double rainbow original

Taco Bell’s cantina taco

Taco Bell's Cantina Carnitas

Moon Cat

It’s a blue, moonlit night and I’m sitting outside in the driveway with my aunts and uncles looking up at the night sky. My uncle mentions how much more vivid the moon looks tonight, the detail seems incredible as if it were much closer tonight. As I look where he’s pointing I realize he’s not pointing to where I had been looking at the moon, there seems to be an entirely different moon. It was a bright glowing blue and the craters were highlighted by deep shadows. I tried convincing everyone that the real moon was to their backs but when they looked nobody could see it. They just kept saying whats wrong with you the moons right there, pointing back at this impostor of a moon!

The more I looked at it, the more it seemed as if it were right in front of me. I walk towards it and suddenly I bump my head into it. It drops down and rolls behind the car in the driveway. Everyone else seems to ignore what just happened and continue to look into the night sky looking at stars. I walk over to investigate what was going on and find a rather large cat staring back at me and no moon. Cautiously I walk towards it. As I got near it, it sat on its back legs and opened its eyes extremely large while tilting his head off to the side. I’m not sure at this point what its doing but it did not look natural, its eyes got as large as you would see in cartoons when cats try to do that cute cuddle me face. As it was doing that it swiped his paw towards me to scratch my legs. I jumped back and noticed his claws were longer than a normal cats and they seemed to slightly glow in the dark with a blue haze.

I ran back and it followed me. While I tried to tell everyone to stay away they all seemed entranced by the cat. He kept bulging his eyes out and walking slowly towards them. I ran to the garage to find anything I could use to get him away. I found a garden hoe, ran out and he was on the lap of a friend of the family tilting his head and seemed to be streching taller. I ran over and swung the garden hoe at him and hit his leg. It scared him off back behind the car, but only for a second. I suddenly felt something wraping around my leg. I looked down and it was the cats tail coming from behind the car and sneaking around to behind me. The tail had some sort of eletcrical shock that made me feel like I was going to pass out. I feriously shook my leg just out of reaction and fear! Its fur was starting to embed it’s self in my skin, my leg was becoming numb! I grabbed a stone from the driveway and thew it under the car where I thought he was. Lucky shot because it hissed loudly. I looked down and saw a much larger rock and threw it as hard as I could at that same spot. The tail pulled away.

I ran over to the back of the house to get a better weapon. I didn’t find anything and didn’t want to leave everyone alone since they were all acting so strange. I came hack around and found the cat on Tue lap of some person I don’t recognize who they are. He was just sitting there in a trance as it’s mouth was open as large as a snake. It was trying to devour them one at a time! I start to run towards them and feel myself getting ripped away… a strong pulling sensation in my chest. I awoke to myself falling out of my bed clinging to my sheets.

If you were a Sponge

If you were a sponge, would you like or dislike water?

As I started doing the dishes, I put the sponge under the water in preperation. I started thinking it looked all dryed out and miserable before it soaked up the water.

If you were an average dish sponge that could feel, what do you think would be more comfortable? Dried out and stiff or soaked full of water?

It’s possible you would you feel like you were drowning with all that water, like  “damn this cursed skin of mine! Always absorbing so much water! If only it would repel it like normal people I would be so much happier”. With this comes a sturdy pose uneasily changed by others.

Or would you feel better off soaked in water. “I’m Sooo thirsty! Need water…  If I just had some water to absorb that would feel so great!” Even though once you absorb water you become soft and flimsy realizing you are helpless to stay in any pose you wish with a simple squeeze or push.

Which would you choose?

Mental Law

When meeting someone new, people tend to joke about things that they would be more serious about as they became more comfortable around you.

blindly into darkness

It’s human nature to move forward with your eyes closed… pretending the beasts outside aren’t there (or will someday go away)

Lost dreams

It’s not the fact that some people change, but your realization that they will always be the same that gives you perspective.

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