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Ignore the negativity consuming those around you and enjoy the spring air!

Can birds whisper?

You know how when your trying to be hush hush about something, you tell people a secret in a whisper. We seem to have great control of the volume of our voices and use it accordingly. Do other animals have this same control? I feel like dogs, horses etc might be able to but I started wondering about birds. I can’t think of a time where their chirps were any quieter than the usual loud pitch they do. Do they have the vocal ability to chirp quieter? Maybe they are able to, but have no reason to. If they do I wish they would whisper in the early mornings, rather than waking me up at the crack of dawn!

bird whispering... psst!

darkness gators

The story begins as I walk into a room unsure of why I’m there at first. The room was a wide and mostly empty room aside from a couple of chairs and tables off to the side. As I walk further I notice an open door. I look in to find two alligators looking up at me with a larger than normal medicine ball. Strange, I turn around saying to myself “haaa I don’t think so” in regards to going in the room and proceed to walk into a crowd. The room is now full of people all dressed up in fancy cloths. Unsurprised by the sudden amount of people, I start calling “Dad! Oh where’d he go now”. A man in a tall hat similar to that of which Abraham Lincoln would have worn comes up to me and says “The preparation room is this way”. I’m puzzled as to what he means, so I follow him to see what he’s talking about.

We walk through the room I had seen earlier with the alligators towards a door with strange engravings on the other side. As I walk past one of the alligators it makes a grunt noise and moves its tail to the side. I wearily walk past. We gotta get those cinnamon rolls cooked before the wedding” I whisper under my breath. Inside the room my dad was already waiting and said “I got all the materials ready”. The man with the hat walks over to the table of ingredients and begins mixing the brown sugar in with a dough that was sitting on the table. He threw the sugar on and started twirling it above his head and twisting it. After a few seconds he slams the dough on the table shaking the room. The dough was cooked into a wedding cake layer and told us to go ahead and try.

Suddenly I can hear the alligators hissing outside the door and people screaming! I run to the door and see streaks of darkness. The only way to describe it was like when its dark and you see lights shining from a flashlight, but only the reverse of that. It was light in the rooms and you could see streaks of darkness. As people were getting touched by the dark streaks, that section of their body would disappear. It didn’t seem to effect anyone in the way you would expect, the sections that were disappearing were still holding up the rest of the body. So people were frantically trying to escape through the doors with missing sections of themselves.

I decided I better get out of there and kicked out a window with my leg. I jumped out the window and landed on a patch of fresh green grass. and realized that I had landed on a piece of floating land. As I looked around there was just a bunch of empty (black) space surrounding the building with patches of land and sidewalk floating around it. There were no stars or anything, just black space and total silence.

The piece of land began drifting further from the building and I noticed I am heading towards a city, one that was intact. This city looks familiar to me, a city I’ve dreamt about in several dreams but not one I’ve ever actually physically seen before. I’m starting to move even faster and begin to worry, what if I don’t slow down? I begin getting closer and closer! I’m heading straight for a skyscraper and don’t know what else to do other than grab a patch of grass, close my eyes and brace for impact! BAM! A sudden crash and thump to my chest startles me to wake up!

Connected by nature

Are we able to tell surrounding events even if we aren’t able to physically see or encounter them? Perhaps we tap into a resource every now and again that we don’t actually realize exists. Something connecting our minds to the physical world in a way other than our 6 senses. Maybe there is more to our planets atmosphere than we know and somehow that connects us. What if it connected every living thing on it, and we tap into this connection unknowingly at times. How many times have you predicted something that has happened or felt someone was in trouble with no real (or understandable) way of truly knowing. Later you find out your feeling was right?

Below is just one of many examples that have happened to me:

Just the other day I was out to dinner with my brother and mom when I had a vision/day dream of a police car, broken glass and yelling in a parking garage. I thought nothing of it and rejoined the conversation my brother and mom were having. When it was time to leave we each head our separate ways walking to our cars. My brother and I both had our cars out in the parking lot while my moms was in the garage. When I got into my car I suddenly realized the daydream I had was in the garage and made me nervous.

I immediately called my mom on the phone to be sure everything was okay. She replied yes and as she continued on she described seeing a police car pulled up next to a car that had its window broken into.

Personality worth saving

I feel that people are who they are as a direct result of their memories. I’ll bet that the people out there that start saying “I don’t like who I”m becoming” are people who don’t take a minute to sit back and reminisce about the past every now and again. Without memories you only are learning from new experiences and if you surround yourself with bad experiences and don’t think about the past, you may find yourself to be a person you never thought you’d be.

You learn from your mistakes and whether you know it or not, absorb your surrounding personalities in one form or another. Without memories your brain can only react based on current events and I’ve personally found bad situations are much easier to find with age. If we don’t think back to when life was (seemingly) much simpler, you might start to think the world is a messed up place and change your personality according to how you perceive the world. So stop and reminisce about the past every once in a while… it just may save you.

Invisible yet visible light

I got to thinking about light while driving in the fog yesterday. I realized fog reveals the beam of light (the headlights send out) very well. Dust and other particles/objects have the same effect too.  I got to wondering, why don’t you see the beam of light unless it comes into contact with something? Think about it, the only time we see light is when its actually touching an object. Light is something that exists to us only because of physical objects. We would never know it was there if there were no physical objects for it to touch. Light seems to be something physical but only seen as a direct result from other things, and on the other hand things are only seen as a direct result from light touching it.

Memory in weather

I noticed that I have a much better or worse memory of a particular day based solely on what type of weather we are having. This is regardless of the events that transpire that day. I’ll remember things from as simple as the walk to my car to the lunch I ate that afternoon, or where I went and at what time etc. For me I have a much better memory in gloomy weather (where the sky has all clouds but no rain), damp and a cooler temperature (like 35-40 degrees Fahrenheit). As opposed to a hot summer day with the sun out and clear sky where I don’t seem to remember much at all. Not only do I seem to remember better during these days but I usually have a “good day” where I feel as though I’m more aware of everything around me, I’m in a good mood and I seem to think more clearly.

I’m thinking that I possibly remember less on hot days with the sun out because there are so many more distractions that keep me from being focused on the events. Something like trying to keep the sun out of my eyes, or trying not to stay in the sun too long to avoid sunburn, the fact that its insanely hot and I’m trying to keep cool.

Is this true for anyone else? A specific type of weather makes it seemingly easier for you to retain information or more aware of your surroundings?

Gloomy day

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